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Metra Martech is a specialist marketing and market research consultancy. Based in London, the company has been established for over fifty years. The company is the result of a management buy-out in 1989 from the SEMA/SOFRES Group.

Our clients range from smaller high tech specialists to world class industrial and governmental organisations. Ask us for a list.

We carry out 30 to 40 projects a year. These give us good project control experience and a record for completing projects on time and to budget. Projects cover the UK, Continental Europe, USA, Japan and the rest of the world. We have excellent language and market research experience in all the major European languages. We have a network of associates in many other countries.

Staffed by technically qualified people with extensive experience in business development, diversification, information technology and marketing, we appreciate technical subjects and can relate them to the requirements of the commercial environment.

Metra Martech is a Registered Practice of the Institute of Business Consulting. Senior staff are members of a variety of bodies such as the Market Research Society, I Mech E, IET, IBC, Royal Society of Medicine, and the Economic Research Council.