Soccer Betting Guide for Sports Punters Online

Soccer Betting Guide for Sports Punters

Online soccer sports betting can be just as comprehensive as betting on the sport at a land-based bookmaker. Punters can place simple bets or complex bets.

Examples of bets that could be placed include those placed on individual players to perform some or the other feat, those placed on match outcomes, and those placed on tournament outcomes.

While straight win bets tend to be popular among casual punters, more experienced punters may prefer to bet on the total number of goals scored, on the first player to score a goal, on the half time or final score, or on the scoring of an even or odd number of goals.

Online Soccer Sports Betting

Known affectionately as The Beautiful Game, and properly as association football, soccer is arguably the most popular ball game in the world. It attracts more than 250 million players in more than 150 countries, and many more spectators and punters from around the globe.

Many punters make use of digital technology to place real money bets on; something known as online or internet betting. The soccer markets found at betting sites also known as online bookmakers usually include club, league, national, and international matches, tournaments, and events.

Along with the choice of fixtures comes a range of bet types that includes, among others, straight and exotic bets.

Soccer in a Nutshell

The rules of the game at the heart of online soccer sports betting were first codified in 1863.

A typical game sees two teams, each made up of eleven players, play against each other on a rectangular field, at either end of which are goals. Teams try score points by getting a spherical ball into the opposing team’s goal.

Players may not use their hands to pass or strike the ball. Rather, they must use their feet, head, or torso. Goalkeepers, however, may touch the ball with arms or hands within their penalty area during play.

Important Soccer Events

Among the international events that usually generate high volumes on online soccer sports betting are the FIFA World Cup, the UEFA European championship, the African Cup of Nations, the Asian Cup, and the Copa America.

There are also a number of national events that attract strong international interest among fans and punters alike, such as England’s Premier League, Spain’s La Liga, and Germany’s Bundesliga.

Soccer Wagering Online

Factors Taken into Account

Punters who take part in online soccer sports betting take a number of factors into account when placing bets. Among these are such things as player injury reports, weather conditions, pitch conditions, and match, player, and tournament records.

Such information is gathered from various sources, including but not limited to reports published by online bookmakers, as well as mainstream print and broadcasting media, and the internet.

The reasoning behind this is that informed bets stand a better chance of being successful than those based purely upon emotion.

For example, if an soccer punter’s favourite team had displayed nothing but dismal performance for several months, coupled by the fact that several star players are recovering from injuries, the team would not have very good odds of winning.

However, if a punter can tell that a team which may not be their favourite is on top form, and playing in favourable weather conditions on a pitch where the team has enjoy previous successive victories, they would think betting on this team a far better prospect.